Website Updates

  • Changed Hosting comapany
  • Changed Slideshow images
  • Changed Contact Us Form
  • Created a “Contact Us Redirecoter” Page with content
  • Changed Taking the First Step
  • Created a “Taking the First Step Redirdector” with content
  • Updated Menu Bars on the Top and Bottom of the website
  • Updated Copyright Date to 2023
  • Installed an email authenticator to reduce the chance of form emails not being delivered.
  • Updated DNS records

Email Account Updates

  • Migrated all email accounts to another email server with added security and SPAM protection. It also has an app for Android and IOS
  • Configured Security and SPAM settings for email accounts
  • Setup various email forwards
  • Updated MX records

Special Thanks

  • Thank you to the I.T. Committee of Valley Lodge No. 153 for testing and providing feedback.