Buchanan, James – President of the US
Ford, Gerald R. – President of the US
Garfield, James A. – President of the US
Harding, Warren G. – President of the US
Jackson, Andrew – President of the US
Johnson, Andrew – President of the US
McKinley, William – President of the US
Monroe, James – President of the US
Polk, James Knox – President of the US
Roosevelt, Franklin D. – President of the US
Roosevelt, Theodore – President of the US
Taft, William Howard – President of the US
Truman, Harry S. – President of the US
Washington, George – President of US, 1st

Arnold, General Henry “Hap” – Commander of the Army Air Force
Bradley, Omar N. – Military leader
Doolittle, General James – Famous Air Force Pilot
Jones, John Paul – First Admiral of the US Navy
MacArthur, General Douglas – Commander of Armed Forces in Philippines
Marshall, George – General of the Armies
Montgomery, Richard Major General – First General Officer of the Continental Army
Murphy, Audie – Most decorated soldier of WW11.
Pershing, John Joseph – Decorated American Soldier
Rickenbacker, Eddie – Great American Air Force Ace

Austin, Stephen F. – Father of Texas
Bowie, James – Alamo
Clark, William – Explorer
Cody, “Buffalo Bill” William – Indian fighter, Wild West Show
Colt, Samuel – Firearms inventor
Crockett, David – American Frontiersman and Alamo fame
Henry, Patrick – Patriot
Lewis, Meriwether – Explorer
Revere, Paul – Famous American
Travis, Colonel William B. – Alamo

Cobb, Ty – An original member of the Baseball Hall of Fame
Combs, Earle Bryan – Baseball Hall of Fame
Naismith, James – Inventor of Basketball
Palmer, Arnold – Golf Pro

Aldrin, Edwin E. – Astronaut
Armstrong, Neil – Astronaut
Glenn, John H. – First American to orbit the earth in a space craft
Grissom, Virgil – Astronaut

Clark, Roy – Country Western Star
Key, Francis Scott – Wrote US National Anthem
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus – Composer
Smith, John Stafford – Wrote the music that became the US National Anthem.
Sousa, John Philip – Led the US Marine Band from 1880 – 1892

Churchill, Winston – British Leader
Diefenbaker, John G. – Prime Minister of Canada 1957-63
George VI – King of England during W.W. II
Marshall, John – Chief Justice US Supreme Court 1801 – 1835
Marshall, Thurgood – Supreme Court Justice

Clemens, Samuel L. – Mark Twain – writer
Doyle, Sir Author Conan – Writer – Sherlock Holmes
Gable, Clark – Actor
Kipling, Rudyard – Writer
Rogers, Roy – American cowboy and screen star
Shakespeare, William – Writer
Voltaire – French writer and philosopher
Wayne, John – Actor

Bartholdi, Frederic A. – Designed the Statue of Liberty
Beard, Daniel Carter – Founder Boy Scouts
Borglum, Gutzon & Lincoln – Father and Son who carved Mt. Rushmore
Dunant, Jean Henri – Founder of the Red Cross
Ford, Henry – Pioneer Automobile Manufacturer
Hoban, James – Architect for the US Capital
Hoover, J. Edgar – Director of FBI
Land, Frank S. – Founder Order of DeMolay
Mayo, Dr. William and Charles – Began Mayo Clinic
Penny, James C. – Retailer
Warner, Jack – Warner Brothers Fame

**There are far too many famous Freemasons to be listed here. For more listings, please consult the various internet search engines for “Famous Freemasons”