The Traveling Gavel, the chief symbol of interconnectedness in our District, is now resting comfortably in a new home. It was acquired by the brothers of Friendship Lodge #153, who traveled to the April 4 meeting of Spencer Lodge #290 to stake their claim. The Gavel had resided in Spencer ever since it had been won four years earlier from Lamoka Lodge #463. In all, six brothers from Friendship made the trip: RW: Dave Strong, W: Bruce Williams, W: Mark Titus, W: Wayne Morse, W: Andrew Strong, and Br: Ryan McDowell. W: Rob Morris, the Master of Spencer Lodge, welcomed the visiting brethren and expressed his pleasure at seeing the Gavel go, as it was a sign that the CST Lodges were continuing to spread the ideals of Friendship and Brotherly Love throughout the District. Br: McDowell, Friendship’s Senior Warden and Acting Master, received the Gavel on behalf of the Lodge. He thanked the brothers of Spencer Lodge warmly and extended to them an open invitation to view their lost treasure at any time.

Any Lodge interested in wresting the Traveling Gavel from Friendship Lodge must meet the following requirements:

1) The Gavel can only be taken during an official communication of the Lodge currently in possession of the trophy

2) At least five (5) brothers from a Lodge must be in attendance to win the Gavel, including:
– at least one (1) Elected Officer (Master or Warden);
– at least one (1) Appointed Officer (Deacons, Masters of Ceremony, etc.);
– at least one (1) Past Master;
– at least two (2) other Brothers.